Choose rubber roofs, a robust flat roof solution

FreeEPDMEstimatesAre you tired of replacing worn out felt roofs in Portsmouth every 10 years? You should instead consider replacing your existing felt roofs with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber roofs, installed by our expert roofing team. For many homeowners, this incredible roofing solution makes the ideal choice.

Unlike traditional felt which has a limited lifespan, a rubber roof is a longer lasting, robust roofing solution that delivers several benefits such as seamless one-piece coverage, durability, weatherproofing and minimal maintenance. Small wonder, that this technology, the preferred choice in commercial roofing, is gaining increasing popularity in the domestic roofing sector.

Enjoy cost-effective EPDM roof installations in Portsmouth

Rubber roofs are highly cost-effective, especially when factoring in the cost of continuous felt roof replacement. Moreover, all EPDM roofs withstand frequent foot traffic, making them well suited for balcony and terrace roofs. Additionally, there are many other advantages such as:

  • A long- lasting flat roofing solution
  • Quick installation with minimal disruption
  • High temperature resistant roofs that won’t split or rupture
  • Excellent weatherproofing from the sun, rain, ice and snow
  • Low maintenance owing to high resistance to ultraviolet light

With so much working in its favour, why not speak to us about replacing your existing felt roof a rubber roof. Contact us today for a free consultation service, on 023 9383 8272.

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